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Clear Skin is Happy Skin

Acne Program

Let's face it, no one likes acne breakouts.  It can give you a poor body image, low self-esteem, and even cause social isolation.  Our certified acne specialist wants to help you! 

Acne Consultation

Your journey to clear skin starts with your comprehensive consultation.  We will go over everything from your medicines, to your lifestyle, to the foods you eat, to the skincare and makeup products you are currently using.  A skin analysis will be done to determine what type of acne you have.  A couple of skin serums will be applied to see what your skin can tolerate followed by an acne treatment of either a mild chemical peel or an acne hydrating treatment and extractions if they are needed.  Most people achieve clear skin in just 3-4 months.  Your certified acne specialist will create a customized treatment plan as well as go over the acne program expectations.  Products specific to your type of acne and your level of skin sensitivity will be recommended for you to purchase for your home care.  Photos will be taken to track your progress.

Next Steps to Clear Skin

You will have customized acne treatments every 2 weeks, at which your homecare regimen will be adjusted according to how your skin is responding.  Your level of commitment to your homecare routine will directly effect your results.  It's absolutely imperative that you stick to the products and protocols recommended by your specialist at each acne treatment. 

Maintaining Your Clear Skin

To keep your skin optimally healthy and exfoliated, you will return for professional treatments every 2-3 months.  Continued use of the recommended products are necessary to help keep you clear as acne cannot be cured.

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